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Papoose Gets Into A Fight With Battle Rapper Eazy Over Remy Ma



We had to wait to see what the full details were before we reported this. However, details is still a bit a blur. Word on the street is that Papoose knocked out battle rapper Eazy during Remy Ma’s recent Chrome 23 battle rap event.

We heard it was over Remy Ma cheating on Papoose with Eazy. We also heard it was over Eazy being inappropriate with and playing Remy close at the event. Eazy denies the fight ever happened but a few people that was in attendance says it did. Remy’s homegirl Ms Hustle says it did and has been in a Twitter battle with Eazy for several hours.

A young lady who attended the event called into Star’s show to detail what she saw and she says it all went down in the VIP room.