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Porsha Williams Guobadia’s Husband Simon U.S. Citizenship Denied Over Claims Of Fraud & Allegations He Entered The Country Illegally



Simon Guobadia, you might know him as Porsha Williams’ husband from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’. Well, he’s been dealing with some serious legal drama lately, and it’s shining a spotlight on immigration, identity, and the whole American Dream thing.

Back in 1982, Simon came to the U.S. as a kid on a visitor’s visa. But instead of a typical immigrant story, his journey turned into a wild ride of fraud and false identities. By 1991, he overstayed his visa and got into trouble with the law, ending up ordered to leave the country. But Simon wasn’t ready to give up. He somehow snuck back in under a different name and even scored a green card through shady means, flying under the radar of immigration authorities.

Things got messier when it came out that Simon had a rap sheet full of felonies like bank fraud and identity theft. His dreams of becoming a citizen were crushed not once, but twice, when his applications were denied in 2016 and 2020. He tried one last time in 2023, but that got shot down too in 2024, thanks to his sketchy past and illegal entry into the country.

This whole ordeal isn’t just about Simon—it’s a wakeup call about immigration laws and the consequences of cutting corners. For Porsha Williams and her fam, this legal mess throws a cloud over their future in Atlanta and pulls them into a bigger conversation about immigration and redemption.

In the grand scheme of things, Simon’s story is just a piece of the messy puzzle that is American immigration. It shows how tricky it can be to balance justice and the pursuit of a better life, all tangled up with personal stories and legal red tape. And as Simon tries to move forward, it’s clear that the road to citizenship isn’t always smooth, especially if you’re not playing by the rules.