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Sesame Place Philly’s Rosita character slammed for racism



During these times; an average black family household in America evidently is taking trips to have bonding trips and new experiences for the family. Our black youth consistently are pushed to believe they must retaliate for the disrespect. I believe these current events were all purposeful which is why the character ignored black children for the past two years. We must seek truth and demand that we know who is under the mask which the masked character has a choice over the black youth. Racism still exists and it comes in many forms the only way to stop matters like these; is to make sure companies that existed way before the civil rights movement are truly being investigated or fact-checked such as a monthly report of hires. The human resource department and or/ the Chief of Diversity of Sesame Place should be under fire and as a consumer, we must make sure companies are practicing inclusion under the EEO.

If anyone from another race says’ hey what if the character was black and still proved to be prejudiced or racist to others”? This event did not occur; nor does it prove Sesame Place hires many black people who are racists against other, nor does it prove that any additional hate crime came from this group took place in the workplace. Sesame Place amusement park in Philadelphia was under fire for shunning black youth while parading for the kiddies. What do you think?

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