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Singer Niykee Heaton Accuse Diddy and Kanye West Of Attempting To Assault Her Sexually



On June 8, Niykee Heaton held an Instagram Live session, where she accused Ye and Diddy of attempting to assault her sexually. Heaton began by recounting that after her song “Bad Intentions” with Migos and OG Parker gained success in 2014, Ye invited her to a studio session to work on music.

Heaton described arriving at the studio where Diddy and Ye were present and appeared intoxicated. She claimed they pressured her to drink, but she refused. Despite nine other women initially being in the studio, they left for the bathroom, leaving Heaton alone with Ye, Diddy, an executive associated with Ye, Ye’s engineer, and Ye’s cousin.

Heaton alleged that Ye and Diddy pressured her to undress due to the heat in the studio. As they began to grab at her shirt, she felt trapped and mouthed “help” to Ye’s executive, who looked away. She also sought help from Ye’s engineer and cousin, who did the same. Heaton claimed that Ye and Diddy tore her shirt off and attempted to remove her pants, but she managed to escape by opening the exit door and hiding in another studio.

She recounted staying hidden and crying for about 20-25 minutes before leaving with another girl who had allegedly been drugged by Ye and Diddy. Heaton suggested the other girl might have been assaulted as well.

Heaton concluded with a warning: “Stay out of the industry. If you have daughters, tell them to avoid meeting their idols and never go to the studio without a bodyguard.”