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Snoop Dogg and Master P Sue Walmart For Intentionally Holding Boxes Of Snoop’s Cereal In Stockrooms To Keep Them Off The Shelves



Yo, check it! Master P and Snoop Dogg ain’t playin’ around, they’re hittin’ up Walmart and Post Foods with a lawsuit, callin’ them out for shady moves to keep their Snoop Cereal brand low-key.

In the lawsuit droppin’ on Tuesday, Master P and Snoop are straight-up callin’ out both companies for movin’ boxes of Snoop Cereal to the backroom and slappin’ some sketchy code on ’em, makin’ sure they stay hidden from the public eye. They’re sayin’ these sneaky tactics are stoppin’ them from stackin’ that cereal cash.

“This case shines a light on the steep challenges faced by minority-owned businesses in securing fair opportunities in the marketplace.” Master P and Snoop Dogg’s attorney Ben Crump said. “The actions by Post Foods and Walmart demonstrate cynical disregard and exploitation of minority entrepreneurs in the business world.”