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Snoop Dogg Comes At Stephen A. Smith Over Clownin’ His “Boney” Body



Snoop Dogg has reacted to Stephen A. Smith’s comments about his skinny physique.

During a recent episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast, host Shannon Sharpe tried to get Stephen A. Smith to go the gym with him.

Stephen A. turned down the offer and said he would become an instant meme if a photo leaked. He also joked that him and Sharpe next to each other would be like The Rock and Snoop Dogg due to their difference in build.

“I’m not going to the gym with you, Shannon,” he said. “I’m not doing that. I’m not. Listen – you want a meme that people will be laughing at me for the next two decades, have me in the gym with Shannon Sharpe.

“Come on, man. You know what I’m saying? That’s like The Rock standing next to Snoop Dogg. We ain’t doing that. Snoop is my dawg, you know I love you, baby. You know I love you. I mean, come on now. I’m not doing that. I’m not getting in the gym with you.”

With a slight change of heart, he said: “You know what? I might do that. I’ma wait a few months though. I’m not gon’ do that just yet.”

Snoop Dogg came across his comments and said he was using his words as inspiration for a bigger build.

“@stephenasmith @shannonsharpe84 I’m getting my weight up so when I come on the show will talk about,” he wrote. “Thanks 4 the motivation.”

Shannon Sharpe commented on the post with flexed bicep emojis.