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Steve Stoute Says Dame Dash’s Immature ‘Antics’ Ruined His Relationship With Jay-Z



Check out this sneak peek from Steve Stoute’s chat with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay. Stoute’s spilling the tea on what went down between Dame Dash and Jay-Z. According to him, Dame displayed immature behavior and never matured. Can’t wait to hear the full scoop on this one!

Stoute described him as a “gigantic almost not” and said that “he blew it” regarding his relationship with the Brooklyn rapper. “He had Jay-Z. He had the most important artist of a generation.”

“Dame wouldn’t change,” Stoute said later in the conversation. “The way he spoke to people, the way he treated people. He was angry. He was angry because he had a strong perspective about his business philosophy … People were becoming less beholden to him. But he was unaware of it.”

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