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Suzette “The Squirrel” Sells Ceaser’s Atlanta Home Purchased In 2020



On today’s episode of Big Simpin! Suzette The squirrel sells Ceaser’s Atlanta home purchased in 2020. Lucky for them the market is up so the break up is right on time for profit. Perfect timing because Ceaser’s gonna need some extra cash for a rainy day.

However, lets talk about coming up off a Ninja. Peep game how she was the broker to purchase the home and now she’s the seller. This is the same home she said Ceaser’s enemies show up to kick in the front door with rifles. Squirrel really got shit lit and this tea is hot bubbling at 600 degrees. She had never sold a house until she sold him this home. She definitely a member of Mu Psi Mu. What was the call? oh yea, milk it, milk it, milk it. She played this shit so lovely. Hurd u Squirrel.

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