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Teyana Taylor Says She’s ‘Heated’ With Iman Shumpert For Making Divorce Public



Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert aren’t sharing the same crib anymore as their messy divorce drama plays out for everyone to see. And guess what? Teyana’s putting all the blame on Iman for putting their business out in the streets.

Sources close to the ex-couple spill the tea to TMZ, saying Teyana is mad disappointed and frustrated with Iman, her hubby of 7 years, for making their breakup all public in a recent court filing.

Teyana wanted to keep their kids and Iman away from all the drama, which is why she first filed for divorce in January using just their initials. But now, thanks to Iman’s latest move, their private business is out there for everyone to gossip about.

TMZ sources spill that Teyana and Iman are not sharing the same space anymore, even though Teyana made it seem like everything was cool in September when she first announced their split.

In reality, Teyana and Iman aren’t exactly on speaking terms.

They only chat if it’s about their two kiddos. So, things are definitely not all good right now. 🙄💔