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The Game Reacts to Rick Ross’ Reaction To His Diss Track



Rick Ross recently responded to The Game’s latest diss track with a simple statement: “You n****s starving.” The track, titled “Freeway’s Revenge,” dropped last night, packed with jabs aimed at Ross’s weight, past, and persona. This release followed a string of online shots fired by The Game earlier this week, in the midst of the Drake and Kendrick Lamar rap feud.

Anticipation was high to see how Ross would react, but his response fell short. In a brief online video, he chuckled while holding up a Louis Vuitton bowl, dismissing the diss with his comment on hunger.

The lackluster reaction disappointed not only fans but also The Game himself. Taking to Instagram, he shared a photo of a Louis Vuitton bag, mocking Ross’s response. “He wanted all smoke a week ago,” The Game wrote, “Chicken legs can’t go bar for bar so we going LV for LV now I guess [laughing emojis]. I hate these rap n****s.”