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Tiffany Haddish Accepts Plea Deal In LA DUI Case



Last November, Tiffany Haddish found herself in a tight spot, getting busted for her second DUI. Word on the street is she was caught snoozing behind the wheel of her ride, parked all wrong. But you know Tiff, she bounced back quick, cracking jokes onstage the same night she got released, talking about praying for a dude with a job, preferably in uniform. Classic Tiff, right?

But hey, turns out luck was on her side. Them misdemeanor charges got dropped like a hot potato. She showed up at the LA courthouse today, took a plea deal like a boss. Now she’s just dealing with reckless driving and some traffic violation, according to TMZ.

So, no more jail time for our girl Tiff, at least for now. But yo, don’t forget about that Georgia DUI case hanging over her head. Her lawyer, Alex Spiro, says she’s settling for a simple vehicle code violation, not the heavy-duty DUI charge. Tiff’s ready to put this mess behind her, and she’s even talking about getting some help to stay on the straight and narrow. Classic Tiff, always keeping it real.