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Tiffany Red Criticizes Diddy’s Apology, Reveals Woman Was Allegedly Hung from Balcony in Cassie’s Lawsuit



Songwriter Tiffany Red, a longtime friend of Cassie, is speaking out after Diddy’s apology video. Red, who is also suing Diddy over music business issues, responded to the mogul’s video apology following CNN’s release of footage showing him assaulting Cassie at a Los Angeles hotel in 2016.

The video was included in Cassie’s $30 million civil lawsuit filed in November 2023, which alleged abuse, rape, and sex trafficking against Diddy. She claimed Diddy was “heavily intoxicated” during the attack and paid the hotel $50,000 for the security footage. Diddy’s apology was criticized by Red and others as insincere.

Red also commented on another claim in Cassie’s lawsuit about a friend allegedly hung from a 17th-floor balcony by Diddy. Initially rumored to be rapper Wale, Red clarified the friend was a woman, saying the incident happened after Cassie’s assault in March 2016, despite the lawsuit citing August 2015. Red insisted the person involved was a woman, captioning her statement, “The person that was hung from Cassie’s balcony in 2016 AFTER the hotel assault is ALSO a woman. He’s not sorry.”