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Timbaland: Brittney Spears Fans Wants His ‘Head On a Pike’ For Saying Justin Timberlake Should’ve “Put a Muzzle On That Girl” Concerning Her Memoir🤐



Timbaland had Justin Timberlake’s back when Britney Spears’ bestselling memoir became a hot topic, but his response hasn’t gone down well with Britney’s massive fanbase. During an interview at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts with 9th Wonder on October 29th, fans picked up on a sly comment he made.

In reaction to Britney’s “The Woman In Me” memoir, where she claimed JT got her pregnant in 2000, and they decided to have an abortion, Timbaland suggested that Justin should’ve “put a muzzle on that girl.” He also noted that he doesn’t blame Britney for speaking out, stating that’s what you have to do to go viral, especially in the current social media era of showbiz.

The audience found it amusing, but Britney’s fans aren’t laughing. They’re demanding an apology from Timbaland, believing that he’s holding onto some old grudge against Britney that goes back many years. 😬🔥