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Tina Knowles Clarifies She Would ‘Never Criticize’ Janet Jackson After Liking Shady Post



Tina Knowles has been receiving a ton of backlash over her statement about Janet Jackson ticker prices…here’s what she had to say.

“”So, word got out that I liked a post complaining’ ’bout Janet Jackson’s ticket prices, and I gotta address this mess. First off, let’s get one thing clear—I’d never throw shade at Janet, the queen of production!

I got mad love and respect for the Jacksons—the first family of music. Always have been, always will be. Now, secondly, I stay away from that negativity drama. If you follow me, you know I ain’t into that mess. But here’s the deal—I’m guilty of liking posts real quick when I’m in a hurry, trustin’ the folks I follow. My bad! Won’t happen again. 🤦‍♀️

I dropped a vid ’cause I want you to hear it straight from me—I’d never diss another artist, especially not Janet.

And just to make it crystal clear, I posted a message too. Janet’s an icon, and I’ve got history with her. I took Destiny’s Child to see her when they were 15, and she opened doors for Beyonce. Why would I hate on that? Lesson learned—I’m takin’ it slow and bein’ careful. 🚦💕

I just wanted to clear the air ’cause I know y’all see them likes. Ain’t no hate here, just love and good vibes. Keep it real, y’all!””.