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Tiny & Instagram Model Bernice Burgos Beef Over T.I.



If Tiny don’t go head and get a divorce. She been fighting with these as she would say pass around bitches over some T.I. for too long. I mean she helped him become the star he is today and he constantly got her out here looking crazy. Tip was just all over the blogs about cheating with Ana Montana and it even spilled over to beef with Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree who was dating her also. Anyway though, the latest is the beef Tiny is having is with Bernice Bergos.

Things got out of hand when a fan alerted Tiny that Bernice be all over T.I.’s Instagram page. Now if you all know Tiny ain’t no sucker type chick and I hears she can get pretty ratchet herself at times. She responded calling Bernice a pass around bitch. Bernice was not for the comment and decided to clap back herself. Not only did she respond in the comments but she also made a video. Well, she made a few videos.

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