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Tyrese Gibson’s Wife Samantha Share Advice On Women Having Their Own Success



Tyrese just recently announced his marriage that he kept a secret. I still don’t know how he managed to do that. Many had questions about who his wife Samantha was, I mean she did just seem to fall out of thin air. She isn’t your typical industry Hollywood type either. Samantha decided to let us know via Instagram that she worked hard and become successful before marrying Tyrese.

“There’s people who treat me like I’ve made it because of the man that happen to be married to. NO!!!! I considered myself successful before I even gave him the time of day! I worked my behind off in high school, achieved high grades, worked multiple jobs and helped my momma clean homes and have a daycare service to make ends meet. I went to a great college, worked multiple jobs throughout school, dealt with abusive, heartbreaking relationships and friendships, serious family problems, economic hardships, homelessness, debilitating health problems, and I still managed to graduate on time, cum laude at UGA with my Bachelors of Science. I had several jobs upon graduating, which became a habit of mine, had a place with roommates, and did very well saving up enough money to go back to school to get my masters. Battled homeless again, exhaustion, emotional hardships Worked at some of the most difficult places in social work, and maintained a 3.98 GPA while hustling on the side as a bartender. I graduated, worked as cleaning woman, a bartender and at a DV / trafficking site while studying for my licensure upon graduating with my masters. I got my licensure and waited on God for my perfect job working within the school system. AND maintained my bartending job for some extra income.

Once I met my husband, I eventually made difficult decisions for our family, but LADIES, I was ALREADY set and successful in my own right. I worked my ASS off to get to the place where I’m at in my career, an executive director of my husband’s nonprofit. Not because I’m just a wife, but I proved myself worthy when I last minute orchestrated a large undertaking of an event while working my other jobs. QUEENS, feminism isn’t only about the freedom of sexual choice, it is the ability to be respected as a HUMAN BEING beyond gender in the workplace, in salary and in position based upon your experience and how hard you work. I know this is a long post but LADIES, you have to know, at the end of your days, it’s NOT about the person next to you who determines how successful you’ve been in this life.”