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Warrant For Chrisean Rock’s Arrest Issued For Probation Violation



Chrisean Rock’s on the radar again. A warrant’s out for her arrest because she went ghost on her community service gig related to her Oklahoma drug case.

Word on the street is, the judge wasn’t feeling Rock’s no-show for her community service hours. They’re talking about dropping a 30-day stint in the bing on her for breaching probation. She had till September 23rd to clock in those 120 hours, but it looks like she dipped out early.

Remember when she jacked Blueface’s ride and got nabbed cruisin’ from LA to Baltimore? Yeah, well, that’s where this mess started. Police caught her with some herb, and she copped a plea deal for possession and intent to move weight. Judge slapped her with four years’ probation, but she’s been pushing her luck lately.

Seems like her run-ins were non stop. Last year, she threw hands with James Wright and Woah Vicky, and now they’re adding assault charges and civil suits in the mix. Next move’s in court, where they’ll decide if she’s gonna do some serious time for not complying.