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Young Buck Says He Doesn’t Know What He’s Done That Makes 50 Cent Want To See Him Not Feed His Children



Young Buck recently sat down for an interview with Steve O on “Wild Ride! Podcast.

The rap star was speaking on the financial side of the business and how he ended up filing for bankruptcy. Buck says he was on his way to the discharging stage of the process and before arriving to the interview, he received a call notifying him that 50 Cent made a claim for $250K which was the same claim he made three years ago without providing any documentation.

Buck said he doesn’t know what he did to make 50 want to see him not feed his children & spoke on them once being brothers despite their past “misunderstandings” – “I’ve always looked at you as big bro … Yes, I made mistakes too but l’ve never did anything to try to take food out of your mouth” & thoughts?