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A$AP Rocky ‘Boost’ That He’s At The Fore-Front Of The Culture



A$AP Rocky just dropped some truth bombs in a recent chat with HighSnobiety. The Harlem legend ain’t holding back, claiming he’s one of the few steering the ship when it comes to culture.

In the interview, Rocky spills the real tea about his impact on Black culture, saying he’s “at the forefront” of the movement. He’s got that magic touch, keeping a dedicated following for over a decade. 🙌

He breaks it down, saying, “Still to this day, to have that type of following, influence, control, and that power is magical and rare. While I’m still here, I got a duty to aspire to inspire… There’s really only a few people who control the culture, and when I tell you that I’m at the forefront, believe dat!”

But hold up, it’s not just about music for A$AP. Homeboy’s got a whole list of partnerships up his sleeve, keeping things diverse and consistent. He’s all about embracing the changes and staying ahead of the game. 💪

And guess what? Rocky just shook the room with his latest move – teaming up with Puma X F1. He’s out here making moves and proving he’s a force to be reckoned with.