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Aaron Carter’s Manager Says Cyberbullying Tore Down His Mental Health



The manager of Aaron carter has now spoken out on what caused Aaron Carter’s death. In an exclusive interview with Page Six Taylor Helgeson says “It was like a nightmare,” She continues, “It was nonstop. It was so relentless and, yeah, it did a number on him.”

we previously reported Aaron Carter was found dead in his bath rub on Nov 5. by his housekeeper. “I wouldn’t go as far as to blame that entirely [for Carter’s death], but I watched that break him down over a long period of time,” the Big Umbrella Management says.

Taylor also recalls a time when Aaron would take to social media and look at the comments after his performances. “He would look at this stuff and it hurt him a lot,” Rumor also has it that “He could not seem to keep himself off” social media.

The real question why is Aaron’s manager on a press tour?

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