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Blac Chyna Say’s She’s Happy To Be Apart Of The “Itty Bitty T!tty Committee” After Breast Implant Complications



Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, is rocking a fresh vibe with a whole new look, and she’s keeping it real about the journey. The reality star decided to downsize her breast implants, a move she admits hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows.

Chyna spilled the tea, explaining that multiple plastic surgeries led to some health bumps along the way. She felt it was time for a change, wanting a look that better suited her body without those oversized fake assets. However, with a history of numerous implants, the process had to be a gradual reduction to achieve her desired size.

She spilled the details, mentioning two recent surgeries that took her from 585cc implants to 190cc. But, real talk, one of those procedures threw a curveball – her left breast got encapsulated, meaning the muscle tightened around the implant.

This journey brought Chyna face to face with side effects she hadn’t encountered before, making it the less-than-ideal outcome. Despite the pain, she’s pushing through, embracing her new look, and staying positive about what lies ahead. That’s the unfiltered truth from Angela White.