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Blac Chyna Going Broke… Sells Clothes, Purses and Shoes! (Yasss… The Shoes 😭)



Angela White, formerly Blac Chyna, is keeping it real about her financial struggles. She’s been hustling to make ends meet, even selling her own gear to make it work. She hit up Tyga, her ex, to help out with their custody battle.

In the legal papers, Angela spills the tea – she’s been flipping her clothes, bags, and kicks online just to keep things afloat.

This year, she’s raked in over $178k from selling her stuff, which has been a lifesaver as her business ain’t doing so hot lately.

But here’s the catch – it’s a temporary fix. Angela knows she can’t sell her wardrobe forever. With her locked in this custody battle with Tyga over their son, King, the legal bills are stacking up, and she’s feeling the squeeze.

Angela’s also putting it out there that Tyga’s making it tough for her to spend time with her kid, only allowing her 24 hours a week.

She’s looking for some financial support from him to keep up the fight. 💸👛👟👕📜