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Cam Newton Opens Up And Apologizes For 7v7 Brawl



Cam Newton ain’t stayin’ quiet about that whole crazy scene at the youth football tourney. Nah, he’s stepping up and taking responsibility for what went down.

The former NFL MVP spilled the tea on his ‘4th and 1’ podcast, keeping it real about the whole situation. He’s backing up what them Top Shelf Performance coaches TJ and Steph Brown said earlier — it all started with some heated trash talk.

Cam ain’t dodgin’ the truth, though. He’s straight-up saying it shouldn’t have gone down like that. “There’s no excuse,” Cam said. “It’s not cool, ’cause things could’ve gotten way outta hand. And it’s bigger than just me — why’s it gotta go down at a black event? You feel me? I could easily play the victim card, but nah, not gonna do that.”

He’s got a point, y’all. Cam’s all about using his voice to lift up the next generation. “I gotta use my platform to lift up the next wave,” he said. “That’s my mission. I wanna show ’em there’s more than just ballin’ out. These kids need positive role models, real talk.”

“Kids out there, they ain’t got lawyers or counselors to look up to. They see the streets, they see the rap game, they see athletes. I wanna be that positive influence for ’em, you feel?” Much respect to Cam for taking ownership!