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Celebrity Hairstylist —Shantise Michelle On Discovering Her Lane in the Entertainment Industry

Celebrity Hairstylist Shantise Michelle has worked with Musiq SoulChild, Fatman Scoop, Remi Jones of Remi TV, We TV Johnni Blaze, Mariah Lynn, Donshea Hopkins, and shes just getting started



Shantise Michelle is a celebrity hairstylist. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey she is a licensed hair extension specialist, cranial prosthesis specialist and custom wig maker. The hair powerhouse has been doing hair professionally for 12 years. Her list of celebrity clients she has styled range from Musiq SoulChild, Fatman Scoop, Remi Jones of Remi TV, We TV Johnni Blaze, Mariah Lynn, Donshea Hopkins, Mama Jones of Love & Hip Hop, Jela of Zeus “Baddies”, Wild N Out Lovely Mimi, among others. 

Celebrity Hairstylist Shantise Michelle is a cranial prosthesis specialist and custom wig maker

How did you start your career? I started my career by being an assistant for my aunt in her salon while attending college and decided to pursue a career in hair after graduating college. 

What has been a major influence in your brand? Major influences in my brand are my friends. They keep me going. They make sure I’m on my toes, I’m on top of my game.

What are your career aspirations ? My career aspirations are to go farther than where I am. I want to be an owner of some sort, I just haven’t decided which area to go. It’s definitely going to be beauty industry related.

As a woman of influence and a respected business mogul how do you aspire to assist individuals wanting to get into your field? I always tell anyone who asks to go to school. It’s not a waste as people portray it to be, you’ll have many advantages over people who are not licensed when you become licensed. It’s also a badge of honor when you are. Never skip that step. Even if you are constantly booked, with millions of followers, you want that credential because it will take you far. 

Shantise Michelle attends Fashion Gxd Magazine legends Dinner

Describe your greatest strengths in your career. I believe the greatest strength in my career is being able to adapt to change. Trends in hair are constantly changing which can be a good or bad thing but when you learn to adjust you will have no worries. Being able to stand against change as well, making it work in your favor.

How important is it to make a difference? It’s important to make a difference especially when you have a lot of people who feel the same way but don’t have the courage to do so. Making a difference will make a lot of people believe in not just you but your dreams and everything else. 

Keep up with Shantise via Instagram: @ShantiseMichelle

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