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The Swedish Power House — AnnaSoSwede Conquering Modeling, Hospitality, & New York City

AnnaSoSwede is a model, creative, and hospitality professional from Sweden with 15+ years in events and hotel industry.




AnnaSoSwede is a model, creative, and hospitality professional from Sweden with 15+ years in events and hotel industry. Born and raised on a farm in Sweden and home at 17 years old. Anna has lived in six countries across the globe. Adding another impressive resume she holds a Bachelor Degree in International Migration and Ethnic Relations from Lund, Sweden/Jamaica, Kingston and Master Degree in International Crime and Justice from NYC, USA. Anna is currently the director of sales and events at Hotel Rivington while modeling and creating for Playboy.

photography: @pomperaw

How did you start your career? I started my career by working for my mom in her restaurant/tea shop in Sweden. Emigrating to New York for an internship as an event coordinator for the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce was my first event-related job in NYC and that’s how I started working for huge organizations such as United Nations, Global Citizen and International Rescue Committee. A few years in, I left the NGOs and started doing private events and especially weddings.

What has been a major influence in your brand? My first boss Nancy Ploeger was a huge inspiration and connector for me and then when I started my job at PUBLIC Hotel, everyone I worked with and especially Candice Lau, Director of Sales and Events at TAO Group LA, became a huge inspiration to build myself into a brand and established person in the industry.

What are your career aspirations ? I’d love to one day be a talk show host. The biggest blessing with my job is that I get to meet people and lots of them due to massive events – one day I’d like to have time to sit down with them and tell their stories as well as mine.

As a woman of influence and a respected business mogul how do you aspire to assist individuals wanting to get into your field ?I always try to bring people with me and they tend to follow – staff from every place I have ever worked at, usually comes with me to my new places that I launch or work for which is a beautiful blessing. I love to care for my team and help them grow in whatever way I can.

Describe your greatest strengths in your career. My greatest strength is my compassion for the individual – my clients, my staff and anyone above and in between. If they are happy, the end product is always going to be a success.How important is it to make a difference?Making a difference is HUGE. If you continue living life without making a change – are you even living?


Is there anything else you’d like to share with us? MANIFEST! I believe in a few things but I remember growing up on a little dirt road in southern Sweden, not speaking English nor knowing a single soul in New York. I dreamt and manifested that one day, I’d be living and working in New York as if I was Carrie from Sex and the City myself – and look at me now, I’m Samantha Jones with less money haha.

Keep Up with Anna via Instagram: @AnnaSoSwede