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Chaka Zulu (Ludacris’s Manager) Beats Murder Rap



🚨 Legal Twist: Chaka Zulu Cleared in Fatal Shooting Case as Prosecutors Drop Charges 🚨

In a surprising turn of events, Chaka Zulu, renowned as Ludacris’ manager, is in the clear as prosecutors have decided not to press charges in the fatal shooting that occurred outside an Atlanta restaurant in June 2022. The incident resulted in the tragic death of Artez Benton, sparking an arrest by the Atlanta Police Department based on probable cause.

On Wednesday, Fulton County prosecutors officially announced their decision, emphasizing that their duty involves evaluating cases at the standard of probable cause. The statement from the District Attorney’s office to WSB-TV revealed, “Our investigation of the facts and analysis of applicable law indicates that this is an appropriate resolution of this case based on the standard of proof required.”

Chaka Zulu, maintaining that he acted in self-defense, is now engaged in a pre-indictment diversion program, leading to the dismissal of potential charges, including murder, aggravated assault, simple battery, and possession of a firearm. Surveillance footage captured a skirmish between Chaka and a group, including Artez Benton, outside Chaka’s Apt4B restaurant, culminating in punches thrown and fatal gunshots.

Expressing gratitude to District Attorney Fani Will and her team, Chaka’s lawyer, Gabe Banks, issued a statement thanking them for their thorough investigation. Banks mentioned that Chaka would be prioritizing the nurturing of his family and conveyed sadness for the loss of life.

As the legal chapter unfolds, the music industry veteran can now shift his focus back to family matters while the community processes the complex aftermath of the incident. 🕵️‍♂️📜🚫