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Ludacris Wow’s Atlanta Falcon Fans With Risky Stunt From Roof



Ludacris took the stage at the Atlanta Falcons game over the weekend in a performance that seemed to borrow a page from Lady Gaga’s playbook, making a dramatic entrance by descending from the heavens.

Despite the usual halftime performance tradition, Ludacris did something unexpected by delivering a quick set after the third quarter. The rapper made a jaw-dropping entrance by rappelling down onto the stage from a high point in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The descent was slow, and he even managed to partially rap a song while in the air.

It appeared that Ludacris chose “Move Bitch” for his aerial performance, engaging with the crowd and hyping them up during the unique entrance. The details about whether he continued with a full set after landing are unclear, considering there was an ongoing game. The surprise performance was a tribute to 50 years of hip-hop in Atlanta, a genre to which Ludacris has made significant contributions over the years. 🚁