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Chris Brown Curbs Claims Of Being Anti-Semitic by Saying “I’m a Piru” 🩸🔫



Chris Brown is facing criticism, with accusations of being antisemitic, following his presence in Dubai with Kanye West, who recently released a song containing controversial lyrics. In response to the backlash, Brown took to Instagram on Sunday to clarify his stance and dispel any misconceptions about his affiliations.

In a fiery message, Brown emphasized his gang affiliation, stating, “Let me make this perfectly clear before y’all try to use me as a pawn … I’m a Piru, I ain’t Muslim or Jewish, so don’t start no s*** won’t be no s***!!!” He sternly warned against provoking any negative reactions, asserting, “I’m trying to be peaceful, but please do not wake up the demon in me! … Go on about your f****** day.”

In another message, the R&B star adopted a more measured tone while reinforcing the point that he does not harbor hate. “I’m pro-life, and I make music for the entire world!!!!!! So please do not get tricked into thinking I spread hate or am cool with it! This is for the million of young kids that look up to me and may be confused.”