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DC Young Fly Pleading For Thieves To Return His Bag With Jacky-Oh’s Death Certificate In It



DC Young Fly needs your help. So, he was doing his thing at the Hollywood Improv, cracking jokes and all that, but when he bounced after the show, his bookbag straight-up vanished into thin air. Homeboy thinks somebody copped it.

Now, DC ain’t trippin’ about the cash or bling inside. Nah, what’s got him all messed up is that his bag was holding something irreplaceable – his girl Jacky Oh!’s death certificate. She was his rock, his everything, and they had three beautiful kids together, you know what I’m saying?

So, DC hopped on the ‘Gram with a heartfelt message, asking whoever snagged his bag to just do the right thing and bring it back. It ain’t about the money; it’s about the memories, the love, all that good stuff. Let’s hope the streets come through and help DC get that precious piece of his life back.

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