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Tiffany Haddish Goes To Israel And Her Fans Are Not Pleased By The Decision



Yo, so Tiffany Haddish stirred up some commotion on the Gram when she hopped on Live to talk about her trip to Israel.

She was all hyped about hitting up the Holy Land for some learning vibes, but then she started dropping jokes left and right. Talking about meeting her “future man” in the war zone while sippin’ on OJ, tryna clarify it wasn’t no mimosa post her DUI bust. Some folks thought she was playin’ too much with serious stuff, you feel me?

Then she starts bustin’ out this impromptu song like, “On my way to Tel Aviv, then to Jerusalem. Then I’m going to the Dead Sea and goin’ get me some. Gonna have some fun, yeah. It’s gonna be great. Then I’m gonna learn about the politics, ay.” But wait, she didn’t stop there. Homegirl even mentioned hitting up Gaza like it’s just another tourist spot, asking if it’s all just part of Israel, surrounded by water and whatnot.

Now, people online ain’t feelin’ her vibe, callin’ her a Zionist and saying her trip supports some heavy stuff goin’ down over there.

But here’s the twist: Tiffany found out she’s got Jewish roots a while back, and she’s been all about that Friday Shabbat life. Plus, she’s been showing love to Jewish causes, even speaking up about Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

So, it’s like, she’s coming from a place of connection, but maybe her jokes didn’t quite land right this time. Guess we’ll see what she’s gotta say ’bout it.