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Denise A Grant: Redefining Wedding and Event Design Experiences

What sets Denise apart is not only her creative mind but also her unwavering attention to detail and her genuine willingness to listen to her clients’ needs



Denise A Grant, owner of Hactac Events by Denise A Grant LLC is not your typical wedding/event designer. With a background in baking and cake decorating, she brings a unique perspective to the table. Her journey began 12 years ago when she attempted to make her son’s first birthday cake and fell in love with the artistry of it all.

What sets Denise apart is not only her creative mind but also her unwavering attention to detail and her genuine willingness to listen to her clients’ needs. This combination has allowed her to not only be their floral designer & decorator but also their planner or coordinator.

Over the years, Denise has built strong relationships with her clients that go beyond a single event. These connections have become friendships that will last lifetimes. Whether it’s a wedding or a social event, Denise’s expertise shines through in every aspect of the planning process.

Denise’s passion for creating unforgettable experiences goes hand in hand with her dedication to making each event truly unique. From conceptualizing themes to selecting the perfect décor and coordinating seamless logistics, she leaves no stone unturned.

If you’re looking for someone who can bring your vision to life while ensuring every detail is taken care of, look no further than Denise A Grant. Her years of experience as a self-taught professional baker turned wedding/event designer make her the perfect choice for any occasion.

Please enjoy our interview!

Congratulations on a successful career in weddings and social events! Please tell us about all of the services you offer at Hactac Events by Denise A Grant LLC.


Denise: Hactac Events is a full service floral design & decor company that also provides planning services. While these are our core services, we are what we call the “one stop shop” meaning we can source all of your event needs.

In your opinion, what makes a wedding or event truly memorable? How do you incorporate those elements into your designs and planning process?

Denise: What makes a wedding or event truly memorable are the details. We take the time to get to know our clients, listen to them tell us their vision and even if it’s the smallest item that may be extra special to them, we do our best to bring that to life.

Can you describe the most memorable event that you have curated? What made it so special?

Denise: I know it sounds cliche but they all are memorable… lol. If I had to think about one that’s always extra special to me is the photo moments I create for Hot97 Summer Jam in client VIP. What made this year so special, I got to be a bit more creative and put a little piece of that creativity in multiple spaces throughout the arena, not just in one space. It just showed me one of the next steps for HACTAC.


How do you handle the pressure and demands that come with producing events for high-profile clients?

Denise: It’s not easy at times but once you’re in production, you have to figure it out the best way you can. I still learn something new in each event and one of the best ways I handle it is not to take it personally and go into it without your emotions involved.

How do you balance putting your creative stamp on projects while following your client’s vision?

Denise: One of the ways we find a happy medium is in our client mock-up phase. I get to hear the client’s thoughts and then I let them see my creative thoughts to their vision that is in their mind. Once they see that and can get a picture of what their event may look like, my clients are usually comfortable to let me do my thing.

What is the holiday season like for you and your company?

Denise: We usually slow down with weddings but take inquiries because this time of year is known as engagement season. We spend the season doing corporate holiday events, and permanent installations, and recently we did a mini Christmas photoshoot set. This is the time of year spaces are looking for a fresh look for the new year, holiday portraits, and celebrations.


What can current and new clients expect from you in the coming year?

Denise: We are working continuously to streamline our processes. Larger setups/ installations when it comes to our florals and decor. We are also taking on larger roles in our corporate and celebrity events. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’re doing and see what surprises 2024 has in store for us.

More on Denise A Grant:

Along with weddings and social events, Denise A Grant also is the producer of events in both celebrity and corporate settings. Some of her clients to date are cast members of “ Love & Hip Hop & Black Ink Crew”, anchors on “Pix11 Morning News”, “WBLS ( producing the Circle of Sisters main stage and Instagrammable moments, “ Hot 97 ( in station events, Summer Jam Announcements & Summer Jam VIP Client Area) & “York College” to name a few.

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