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Did Travis Scott Duplicate A$AP Rocky’s Drip?



Its been said that everyone has a lookalike. This theory is definitely true when it pertains to A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott. 

In a viral clip promoting the next episode of Drink Champs, show host, N.O.R.E. boldly stated Travis Scott stole Rocky’s “whole style”. In response, Rocky passive aggressively fixed his left eyelash and replied “yeah”.

Through the years, there has always been speculation of tension between the two rappers. During a 2016 interview on HOT 97, Rocky expressed felt that Scott was jackin’ his style but he wasn’t pressed. He actually declared there was no issue between him and Travis Scott:

“You’re hearing it from me, let shorty rock,” he proclaimed. “And let the people decide if he a biter or if he authentic. I’m not saying everybody should be allowed to just take [from] whoever got going on. I’m not implying that. I feel like that whole situation sound petty.”

In 2019, fan attempted to incite an issue again. In response Rocky tweeted, “THAT ME N TRAVIS BEEF SHIT SO PLAYED OUT, LET IT GO.”


Seems like Rocky might be singing a different tune now!