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Judge Rules Diddy’s Sexual Assault Accuser Must Reveal Herself If Case Moves Forward



Yo, peep this: the woman who’s been going after Diddy for an alleged sexual assault back in high school can’t hide behind the Jane Doe label no more. The judge just dropped the hammer and said she gotta reveal her identity if the case keeps rolling.

According to the fresh legal docs snagged by TMZ, Diddy’s accuser can’t stay anonymous if she wants to keep pushing her case against the rap mogul.

But hold up, it ain’t happening right this sec — she can keep her name under wraps until the court decides whether to kick the case to the curb or not.

If Diddy loses his bid to squash the case, then it’s game on with her real name splashed across all them legal papers. Quick refresher: Shorty filed suit against Diddy back in December 2023, claiming she was just 17 when Diddy and his crew allegedly did some foul stuff to her back in 2003. This all went down when a bunch of folks started dropping old allegations against NYC celebs late last year.

Now, Diddy and his squad argued they’d be catching heat if Shorty got to stay anonymous while their names got blasted all over the place. And looks like the judge bought what they were selling.

But yo, this ain’t the only legal drama Diddy’s juggling. He’s been shutting down all them allegations coming his way, denying every single one of ’em.