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Kim Kardashian Is On Fire Over Kanye West Putting Their Kids Schooling Business On IG



Yo, Kim K is straight-up fed up with Kanye airing their dirty laundry on social media, especially when it comes to their kids’ schooling.

Sources in the know claims Kim is not feeling Kanye’s latest Insta rant, where he’s demanding their kids be removed from Sierra Canyon School, calling it out as fake and part of “the system.”

Kim’s got solid reasons for having their kids in Sierra Canyon — it’s a top-notch school, and she’s all about keeping their kids’ lives consistent. Plus, she’s not down with Kanye’s alternative schooling ideas, like his unaccredited Donda school, which she says has been a hot mess with lawsuits flying left and right.

And get this — Kanye’s even throwing shade at the whole concept of traditional schooling, which has Kim rolling her eyes. She’s holding it down for their kids’ stability, while Kanye’s out there on some nomadic vibe, bouncing around the globe without a steady base.

Kim’s not having it with Kanye’s public attacks either, ’cause it’s making her worry about their kids’ safety every time he goes off on a public rant. She’s all about handling this stuff behind closed doors, but Kanye seems to have forgotten that’s part of the deal they agreed on when they signed the divorce papers.