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Diddy, Stevie J, Justin Combs and Cuba Gooding Jr. Hit With Lawsuit By Former Male Employee



There’s some wild drama going down in the entertainment world. So, peep this: Rodney Jones, this former producer and videographer, dropped a lawsuit bomb on Diddy, accusing him of some serious misconduct. According to the legal docs snagged by TMZ, Jones is claiming he got repeatedly harassed and sexually assaulted by Diddy and some of Diddy’s crew at his command.

He’s saying Diddy had grab his penis and felt his butt, and even parading around nude like it was no big deal. He’s accusing Diddy of trying to groom him and showed him footage of Stevie J having sex with a man which he claims he has a screenshot of.

He claims Diddy’s girlfriend Yung Miami’s cousin sexually assaulted him in front of Diddy and his staff. And then there’s this whole thing about Diddy allegedly drugging him and maybe even assaulting him at a party. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the accusations about Diddy spiking drinks and messing with underage girls. It’s all straight-up chaotic.

And that’s not even the end of it, fam. Jones is also throwing shade at Stevie J and Diddy’s son, Justin, saying they were out there recruiting escorts and even underage girls for their parties. Plus, he’s calling out Cuba Gooding Jr. for getting handsy on Diddy’s yacht. Like, damn, this whole situation is like something straight out of a movie!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, there’s this whole shooting incident at an L.A. studio. Jones is saying Diddy and Justin got into it, shots were fired, and some dude got hit. But get this, Diddy allegedly told Jones to lie to the cops about it!

Jones is taking legal action against Diddy, Justin, and a whole bunch of other folks, aiming for a cool $30 million in damages. This whole thing is like a blockbuster script unfolding in real life, and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out!