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Gillie Da Kid Calls Older Hip-Hop Heads Dressing Younger Corny; ‘You’re Too Old For That Sh*t’



The Million Dollaz Worth of Game Gillie Da Kid hopped on Instagram to share his thoughts old Rappers dressing young corny.

“To all you old heads that are running around trying to live y’all second f**king childhood because you finally came up on some f**king money at 41 years old, 43-and-a-half,” the Philly native snarled. “Now you run around with all the designer sh*t on? All the big-a** sneaks trying to act like you’re a cool a** old head? You’re not. You’re corny, ni**a. You have always been corny.”

Gillie did not stop there…

“Ain’t nothing gon change that. You are a CMF for life! A corny muthaf**ka!” he said. “And you know who knows that you’re corny? All the muthaf**kas that knew you before you were 41-and-a-half years old and finally got your f**king life together and got some money. Now you running around here, you think ‘cause you got a nice car, you got them big-ass Balenciagas on that you ain’t supposed to be having. No, you’re too old for that sh*t.”

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