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Harmonizing Beauty and Beats: Bernadette Patterson’s Multifaceted Journey

Bernadette shares how her prowess in both the beauty and music industries has become a synergistic force.



Step into the dynamic world of Bernadette Patterson, a true powerhouse seamlessly blending beauty and beats. As a beauty mogul and accomplished musician, Bernadette has mastered the art of harmonizing her multiple talents, creating a unique and captivating experience for her audience. In an exclusive interview, Bernadette shares how her prowess in both the beauty and music industries has become a synergistic force. Whether rapping in hair shows or featuring her hair product line in music videos, she effortlessly integrates her talents to reach a broader audience.

How has your experience as a beauty mogul influenced your music career, and vice versa?

Bernadette: Since I have multiple talents including doing hair and music, I use both of my talents to promote one another. By doing that, it opens a larger audience. I rap in my hair shows and I have a song called Never Knock Me Down produced by Zaytoven with my hair product line in the video. You can click on this link to watch the video and subscribe to The Dream Team Hair & Beauty YouTube Channel.

Tell us about a time when you had to balance the demands of your business and your music career. How did you handle it?

Bernadette: Since I’m a salon owner I make my own schedule so if I have an event to go to or anything else concerning my music career I will schedule my appointment around it.

What are you working on as of late?

Bernadette: I’m doing business with a Legend called OG DUV MAC DPG. He’s one of the original members of Dogg Pound Gangstaz and grew up with Snoop Dogg. We’re going to do some songs together. I’m going to participate in the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia at the UMA’s Worldwide Music Awards that’s going to have well-known Legends in the building. I also have a new hair product line coming out this year.

What are some of your 2023 highlights and what are you most excited for in 2024?

Bernadette: The biggest highlight I did for 2023 was The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Pop Up Entertainment Shop 3rd Anniversary. To celebrate 3 years of having The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Product Line. The purpose of the event is to promote other artists & entrepreneurs since I rap & sell hair products at other events as well. The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Pop Up Entertainment Shop had an Entertainment Showcase. The winner won $150.00, had the opportunity to Interview with Award Winning Celebrity TV Personality Nikki Rich the CEO of The Nikki Rich Show, get featured in We Empower Magazine & perform at the UMAs Worldwide Music Awards with well known legends. I also did a Hairshow at the event to display my hairdos & hair product line. My Hair Models that participated in the event are: Evelyn McRae, Cheryl M Fanning (C’Ble$$ings Cleaning Service LLC), Jennifer McDonald, Alana McRae, Tobias Patterson, Daquan Riggins & Hailey Riggins. One of the Speakers was Ashani M’Bala. The rappers & singer that participated were Fredrick Patterson “Buc06” (he was the winner of the entertainment showcase), Tobias Patterson “Wicka” & Leon Massey. The DJ was Marcellus DaDj. The cook is Stephanie Watkins Martin (J&S Food Service). The vendors at the event were Mary Kay Skincare & Cosmetics by ViAngela Roach & Charlotte Garth. Jennifer Watkins was the host. Brandi Alexeus Miller was the photographer (Golden Moments Photography). I thank everyone who came out to the event. It was something to remember. I also thank my mom Patricia Lucas & sister Tenisha Brewington for helping me decorate & more.

How do you think your unique background in both the beauty industry and the music industry sets you apart from other artists?

Bernadette: I have well known successful connections that are on TV that I’ve done and are doing business with that can help me along the way in both industries.

What lessons have you learned from running a successful beauty brand?

Bernadette: Lessons that I’ve learned is to stay strong because I’m going to have my ups and downs but I don’t let my downtime knock me off balance because I know the sun will shine again. I stay focused & keep going with my business journal to write down my goals & things I did each day pertaining to my goals.

As a successful entrepreneur and artist, what advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are also interested in starting their own businesses?

Bernadette: My advice is to go for it and don’t let nobody try to stop you. Find a good mentor that you can look up to and do plenty of research.

What strategies do you employ to connect with and engage with your audience, both in the beauty industry and as a musician?

Bernadette: I use Social Media, YouTube, Google & My Website

Facebook: Bernadette Patterson, B-Rawz, The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Store, The Dream Team Hair & Beauty

Instagram: Bernadette Patterson The Dream Team Hair & Beauty

YouTube: The Dream Team Hair & Beauty


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