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Jaden Smith To Open a Restaurant On Skid Row For The Homeless.



Leave it to the Smiths to show humanity still exist In celebrities.

With everything going on with this world in the past year, mid pandemic, many families have struggled with keeping a-float . This includes more people loosing their homes.

Often we see Celebs lending a helping hand (even though some are just doing it to be seen). This time Jaden Smith is one of them, but to no surprise. According to “TheShadeRoom” he’s been focused and spending a lot of time helping displaced people in the Los Angeles skid row community. Which supposedly has the largest group of homeless people in America.

This restaurant will be vegan and healthy food oriented, which is way more genuine than processed bologna sandwiches. It is called the “I love you restaurant”. And is expected to expand this year. Well, go off then Mr.Smith!