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Jonathan Majors ‘Magazine Dreams’ Film Gets ‘Clipped’ By Disney Due To Assault Allegations



Jonathan Majors had a major film project that was supposed to drop this year, one that had Oscar buzz swirling around it. But guess what? Disney just slammed on the brakes… and it’s all because of his pending assault trial.

So, what’s the scoop? Well, his bodybuilding drama, “Magazine Dreams,” was set to hit theaters this December under Disney’s Searchlight Pictures banner, but it looks like they’ve decided to hit pause indefinitely. That’s right, the release date for the film is now up in the air.

It’s not rocket science why they made this call. You see, JM’s trial is scheduled to kick off on November 29, which is just a week before “Magazine Dreams” was initially set to debut. Disney is playing it safe, as they don’t know how things will pan out in court.

Here’s the twist… Disney still went ahead and released “Loki” Season 2, a show in which Jonathan Majors has a prominent role. And guess what? It’s getting major props, especially for his performance as Kang.

So, Jonathan Majors is in a bit of a jam right now. On one hand, Disney has shown some love by keeping him on board in the MCU and by launching “Loki” without a hitch. But on the other hand, they’re pumping the brakes on a film that is all about him as the main star. 🚦🍿📽️