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Kanye West Blast “Swifties” Attempting To Stop Him From Claiming The #1 Billboard Spot “I Helped Taylor More Than I Hurt Her”



Kanye West ain’t playing games with the Swifties trying to block his shine on the charts. He’s coming back at ’em with some real talk…and he’s right!

So, here’s the lowdown – Swifties are rallying to push Beyoncé’s new tracks to the top to keep Kanye out of the Billboard Hot 100 throne. But Yeezy ain’t having none of that.

He’s hitting back, saying he ain’t their enemy – he’s been more of a friend to Taylor than they realize. Remember that line, “I made that b**** famous”? Yeah, Kanye’s been there, done that, and he’s owning it.

Plus, he’s reminding everyone he had Taylor’s back when Scooter Braun snatched up her masters. And let’s not forget – both Taylor and Beyoncé are icons in the game, inspiring artists like Kanye himself.

So, Swifties, think twice before you come at Kanye. He’s just doing his thing, and he’s all about spreading love, not hate.