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Kanye West’s Wife Bianca Censori Pops Wants To ‘Rap’ To Ye About Having His Daughter Butt A$$ Naked In These Streets



Peep this drama: Bianca Censori’s dad ain’t feeling her risqué outfits one bit. Nah, he’s straight-up heated about it, especially seeing his daughter out there in the spotlight, barely covered.

Word on the street is that Bianca’s pops, Leo, is ready to have a serious talk with Kanye West himself. He’s not holdin’ back — if he gets a chance to chop it up with Ye, he’s gonna let him have it. Sources say Leo’s ready to go off on Kanye, askin’ him how he could let his wife rock those barely-there getups, callin’ her a “trashy naked trophy pony.” Oof, talk about keepin’ it real.

And it’s not just about the clothes either. Bianca’s been pushin’ the limits lately, like, for real. I’m talkin’ about straight-up flashin’ her goods in sheer tights. She’s been takin’ it further and further with each fit, but let’s be real, this ain’t her first rodeo with showin’ skin. Remember when she was butt naked in that raincoat or sportin’ them nude bodysuits in Italy? Yeah, she’s all about that bold fashion life.

But Leo ain’t buyin’ it. He’s thinkin’ Kanye’s the one callin’ the shots, takin’ control of Bianca’s moves, even cuttin’ her off from her fam. Sounds like Leo’s ready to grill Ye on all fronts, ’cause he ain’t havin’ it.