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Kanye West ‘Hints’ That Venues Are Curbing Him Due To Antisemitic Stance



Kanye’s speaking his truth on the ‘Gram, fam! Dude’s airing out his frustrations, sayin’ he can’t lock down spots to drop his new tunes, and he’s pointing fingers at his past controversial rants, especially them antisemitic ones.

He straight-up posted a vid, laying it all out, talkin’ about how venues are straight-up ghostin’ him, and he’s connecting the dots to his polarizing speeches. Kanye’s like, “You know why,” hinting it’s ’cause folks ain’t vibin’ with his past antics.

But, hold up, Chi-town’s got his back, though! Kanye’s shoutin’ out the United Center, sayin’ it’s been the only spot showin’ him love lately. Home turf’s always got your back, right? He’s even got a listening party poppin’ there with Ty Dolla $ign for their new joint, “Vultures.”

Kanye’s feelin’ like he’s gettin’ the short end of the stick, and he’s lettin’ everybody know it.