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Kanye West Goes ‘Horror’ With Jason AND Michael Myers Mask



Sooo our man Kanye West ain’t playing around with his fashion game.

Dude stepped out rocking not one, but two horror movie masks – Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees vibes, you feel me?

He was on a music video shoot with Playboi Carti and Luka Sabbat, keeping it mysterious by covering his face with those iconic masks. Like, seriously, Ye, one mask ain’t enough? Maybe he’s just getting a head start on Halloween, or he’s on a whole different level of style.

His wifey, Bianca, was on the scene too, driving a truck while Playboi Carti and Luka chilled in the back.

PBC was on some wild vibes with black face paint and a white hooded fit. It’s like they’re bringing the horror to the streets. 🎃