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Kanye West Hypes Up Paris Fans As They Chant “F*ck Adidas” While Leaving Hotel



Yo, it’s getting real out here in Paris Fashion Week, fam!

Kanye West and Bianca Censori are straight-up leading the charge against Adidas, and the crowd is backing them up 100%.

As they bounced out of The Ritz for a quick lunch break, the whole scene turned into a hype fest. Fans and paparazzi swarmed around them, and suddenly, the air was filled with chants of “F*** Adidas” echoing through the streets.

You could see the energy buzzing around Kanye and Bianca. They were feeling the love, flashing those signature smiles – well, at least we think Kanye was smiling under that full-face mask he’s rocking!

But here’s where it gets wild: Kanye wasn’t just soaking in the vibes – nah, he took it to the next level. Homeboy grabbed a fan’s copy of his iconic album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and straight-up tagged it with “F*** ADIDAS” in bold black marker!

Talk about making a statement, right? Looks like this battle between Ye and Adidas just leveled up – and the whole world’s watching!