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Kanye West Super Low Budget Super Bowl Ad Rakes In $19 Million In Sales For



Yo check this out! Kanye West ain’t playing around when it comes to hustling during the Super Bowl. Homeboy dropped some serious cash for ad space, and it looks like it was worth every penny!

Ye ain’t shy about sharing his success either. He took to social media to flex his numbers, claiming that raked in a cool $19 million in a single day after his Super Bowl ad aired. That’s some serious bank right there!

He even posted a screenshot of a text message breaking down the sales figures for different products, like tops, pants, T-shirts, and those futuristic YZY pods – you know, the ones you can rock as socks or shoes, depending on your vibe.

And get this, fam, Kanye had these items on sale for just 20 bucks each! Yup, you heard that right – a steal of a deal!

Even though his Super Bowl ad was low-key, with Ye just chilling in the back of a car, spitting some game about his products selfie-style, it looks like it did the trick. Kanye’s out here making moves, showing everyone how it’s done! 💸🚀