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Kanye West Publicly Tells Kim Kardashian To Remove His Kids From A Fake School For Celebrities



Kanye West is back at it, airing his grievances about where his kids are getting their education. In a now-deleted IG post, he directly called out his ex, Kim Kardashian, demanding she pull their four children out of Sierra Canyon ASAP. The post was bold, with a message screaming, “KIM TAKE MY KIDS OUT OF SIERRA CANYON NOW IT’S A FAKE SCHOOL FOR CELEBRITIES THAT ARE USED BY ‘THE SYSTEM.'” Ye didn’t stop there, adding a caption that hinted at deeper issues, alleging that “the system” had separated him from his dad and now from his own kids.

He went on to explain his frustration, pointing out how athletes are often targeted by “the system,” which he claims deliberately avoids working with kids who have strong father figures. Ye made it clear that his older kids, North and Saint, understand who their daddy is and the importance of his presence in their lives.

While Ye swiftly removed the post, the message was loud and clear. This isn’t the first time he’s criticized educational institutions, particularly those he believes are influenced by certain ideologies. Although he’s known for his controversial statements, this latest rant underscores his ongoing battle for what he perceives as his rightful place in his children’s lives. With custody arrangements favoring Kim, it seems Ye is feeling the weight of being sidelined as a parent to Chicago and Psalm, further fueling his frustration and desire for change.