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Keyshia Cole Surprises Atlanta Middle Schoolers By Performing Her Smash Hit “Love”



Keyshia Cole just pulled off the ultimate surprise for a group of middle schoolers, and it was straight fire!

So, these kids at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta were vibin’ out to Keyshia’s classic jam “Love” at a concert, right? But then, outta nowhere, their teacher stops the show and tells them to bring more heart and soul to the performance. Talk about a curveball!

But here’s where it gets lit — Keyshia herself was lurking in the back, ready to crash the scene! When she stepped up and joined the kids, it was pure pandemonium. They lost it, man!

You know “Love” has been blowing up on TikTok lately, and it’s the go-to track for all those aspiring singers to flex their vocal chops. But having Keyshia herself drop in? That’s next level, fam. Talk about a moment these kids won’t ever forget!