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Missy Elliott Donates $50K To Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority For Families In Need



Grammy Award winning rap star Missy Elliott was in her hometown Tuesday on Missy Elliott day doing big things for her community.

Elliott donated $50,000 to the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority for families facing eviction.

“On behalf of the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority, our board of commissioners, our staff and most importantly our residents, we want to thank you for your generous donation,” said Alisa Winston, executive director of the Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority. “This will help 26 of our families who are past due on their rent remain in their homes.”

One of those families is Kayla Hale and her children.

“I had an eviction,” she said. “I go to court on Oct. 26. I didn’t have a plan I am just grateful. It will help me out a whole lot,” Hale said.


Elliott told 10 On Your Side’s Lauryn Moss the donation meant a lot because she’s been in these family’s shoes.

“For me, who has been in a situation like that with my mother, a single mother, that’s what made it important,” Elliott said. “I felt like I could relate to being in a place where you don’t know where you are going next.”

“I wanted to give back and that be the celebration of Missy Elliott Day just to show I love everyone here. I love my city,” Elliott said.