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Mylo Waiters Releases Debut Single “Self Love”



Mylo Waiters, the multi-talented singer, rapper, dancer, and songwriter who is newly signed to Blackground Records 2.0 is ready to prove his worth in this industry with the release of his debut single “Self Love”.

“Self Love”, written by Mylo and produced by Phenom, is full of empowering lyrics, infectious melodies, universal appeal, and social impact. Mylo’s poetic lyrics resonate with the journey of self-discovery, reminding us all of the strength found within ourselves.

The catchy beats and uplifting tunes will have you hooked from the first note, creating an atmosphere of positivity and self-celebration. “Self Love” is not just a song; it’s an anthem for everyone. Its universal message transcends age, gender, and background, making it a song for the masses. “Self Love” is a declaration of self-worth and an invitation to dance to the rhythm of your own heart.

Mylo states, “Self Love is like a note to myself and others that no matter what you go through, always remember to love yourself first and foremost because nobody got you like you got you.”

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