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Nick Cannon Speaks On How He Drops $200 Racks a Year At Disneyland



Nick Cannon was on ‘The Breakfast Club’ about his Disneyland spending habits, and it’s wild! 🎢💰 Apparently, Nick is shelling out nearly a quarter of a million dollars each year at the happiest place on Earth to keep his squad of 12 kids from various baby mamas smiling.

Nick spilled the tea, breaking down that he hits up Disneyland at least once a month (if not more), and with the hefty price tag these days, it’s costing him a fortune. 😱💸

He’s all about making sure his fam gets the best experience, even if it means a serious dent in his wallet.

Nick’s wishing for that old employee discount to come back.

But hey, it sounds like Nick’s pockets can handle these pricey Disney trips and everything else he’s doing for his growing family.